Character Highlight: Cyclops

Sorry for the 1-day-late post! Nathan had the day off on Friday and hit snooze too many times.

This week we talk about the ORIGINAL X-Man, Cyclops. More specifically we talk about his family tree. Because whoa-buddy, that is one tangled web. 50+ years of stories brings a lot of baggage, so we use Cyclops and his family tree to highlight this issue of continuity and how it creates a barrier of entry for new readers.

4 thoughts on “Character Highlight: Cyclops

  1. Good run down.
    Stupid nerd correction/additions:
    1. AoA – Nate Grey stabbed HOLOCAUST, not Apocalypse, which transported both into the 616 timeline. Separately, AoA (Dark) Beast and Sugar man also leaped into the M’Kran crystal to be transported to the 616 timeline.
    2. As far as I know, X-men has not been retconned, at least so far as the “uh, forget all that stuff, we’ll pretend it didn’t happen” version of retconning. Some retroactive explanations have occurred like you mentioned, however.
    3. There are a lot of other details, asides, you could have mentioned, but it was fine to leave out… Adam X and Gambit were/are sorta kinda related or were set up to be the “3rd Summers brother”. In almost all forms, Nathan Summers was created by Sinister as a means to kill Apocalypse. Also, for whatever reason, Havok and Cyclops are immune to each others’ powers but not their brother Vulcan’s, Cable, Stryfe, or other descendents.
    4. It could have been worth mentioning that two of the convoluted storylines you mention, Days of Future Past and Age of Apocalypse are the source material for the next two X-Men movies.

    1. 1. D’oh!
      2. Yeah, line-wide there hasn’t been many if any, but enough of the individual characters have been retconned in some way or another that practically the entire X-family has been effected in some way or another.
      3. Really interesting about sibling immunity, I know Banshee and Black Tom Cassidy are immune also. Didn’t know about Vulcan being able to affect Scott & Alex, weird. Maybe it’s one of those ‘passed through the mother’ things.
      4. I didn’t know that! I knew DoFP, but not AoA

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