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2013’s Thor of Steel 3 Sex Saga


or 3…or 4?

We actually¬†recorded this at the beginning of January, and figured we should probably get this one up sooner rather than later. So that’s why things are a little out of order and why we say episode 4 at the beginning.

Anyways, this episode is all about 2013 – movies, creators, books, etc. It’s all there.

This episode also stars guest caster Nick Sampson, who is part of a RPG podcast called the Side Porject Podcast. Go check them out at:

Ursan Wells & the Haircapes

Holy crap, we did it!

The inaugural podcast of Parker You’re Fired! is upon us. I feel like I should write up this huge post about how this all started as an idea almost a year ago and now we’ve finally made it into a real thing you can listen to.

But I’m not gonna do that.

All I’m gonna say is, this particular episode is very…self-indulgent. We designed it that way on purpose. We wanted to make the first recording as easy as possible with little-to-no prep needed from any of us. So, just keep that in mind, we get better, really. We do.


God, I hope we do.