Monthly Archives: March 2014

Riding the Solar Soap Suds

We start off with a little bit of Comics news, covering Constantine/Hellblazer getting a TV series, Jesse Eisenberg cast at Lex Luthor, and Marvel coming out with a comic database API.

We finish up with a hilarious game of Stump The Chump. I think you’ll all enjoy this one.

Digital Comics by the F–klord of the Moon

Special guest Blaine Garrett stops by to talk about making digital comics and some of the insights he’s gleaned along the way in regards to comic creation and a comic tool he is programming.

There’s something about Abraham Lincoln’s lunar sexual proclivities in there too.

Also, I’d like to apologize for the weirdness of the audio this week. I got a new little recording gadget and I’m still figuring out all the tricks with it. Next week’s recording won’t be as wonky.

Support Blaine’s Blue Flame series here:


Character Highlight: Cyclops

Sorry for the 1-day-late post! Nathan had the day off on Friday and hit snooze too many times.

This week we talk about the ORIGINAL X-Man, Cyclops. More specifically we talk about his family tree. Because whoa-buddy, that is one tangled web. 50+ years of stories brings a lot of baggage, so we use Cyclops and his family tree to highlight this issue of continuity and how it creates a barrier of entry for new readers.